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Winner: Sam Miles

Thank you to everyone who voted and participated!

It's time for week #2 of Style Showdown.

In case you missed the first showdown, here's how it works:

-The content team chooses two videos posted in the NS videos section

-Every week we will drop a new showdown between two skiers

-You vote for your favorite skier

-One skier will win a prize pack from Arsenic (@arsenicanywhere)


First up we've got Sam Miles, a Vermonter that slays anything in his path. Sam shows love to the smaller east coast mountains like Burke, while also giving us a taste of the west coast. The number one thing that stands out to me here is this dude's grab game. Grabbing off rails? No problem. Grabbing cork 3's? No problem. Shout out to the filmer and editor of this video, Johnny Hayes, too. Really enjoyable to watch.

Edit highlight -- :34 - :38. Is it possible to make that trick look any smoother?

Sam Miles

Next we've got Chris Naum, a Michigan native now residing in Cali. The filming and editing of this are absolutely dope, and Chris has a way of making every feature he hits look like a walk in the park. He stomps any trick incredibly smoothly. And you can't beat the good vibes that the California sunshine provides. This edit just embodies the idea that skiing is fun.

Edit highlight -- :15 - :17. Talk about a clean landing. Wow.

Chris Naum

So who will get your vote below? Voting ends Saturday, June 27th at 12PM EST.