Welcome to the fourth Style Showdown of the season. If you're unfamiliar with Style Showdown, here's how it works:

• My fellow content team members and I choose two videos posted in the NS videos section within the last week.

• We drop a showdown. You vote for your favorite skier, and the winner gets bragging rights.


First up is Sam McChesney, hailing from Vermont but dropping an edit with footage from a day at Northstar and Boreal. The edit itself is fairly standard on all fronts; a classic rap track, follow cams, and a lot of rails. But this dude has some very smooth style.

Most stylish trick: 1:15 - 1:19


Next up is Chris DeJohn, the man behind 860 Media. Usually behind the lens, Chris notes that "if you're looking for big spins and flips... this isn't the video for you". Filmed entirely at Carinthia, this edit is full of stalls, butters, 50-50's, and other interesting maneuvers to keep your attention.

I also feel obligated to note that wearing overall-snowpants with no shirt on underneath is a savage move.

Most stylish trick: 1:39 - 1:45. Middle finger life.


Whose skiing did you like watching more? Make sure to vote and drop a comment below. Winner chosen on 12/26.