UPDATE: Winner - Chris Laker

And so it begins… season 2 of Style Showdown. Let’s get right into it, with two of the most stylish skiers in the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with Style Showdown, or simply need a refresher, here’s how it works:

• The content team chooses two videos posted in the NS videos section

• Every week we will drop a new showdown between two skiers

• You vote for your favorite skier

• One skier will win a prize pack from Arsenic (@arsenicanywhere)*

Let the battle at Park City begin.


First up is Khai “the Rail God” Krepala, an NS favorite hailing straight from Park City. Khai teams up with Evan Heath to create this garage-punk meets hesh-skiing masterpiece. The pace of this edit makes 2 minutes feel like 20 seconds. Lap after lap oozes style with no BS, just dialed trickery.

http://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/798101/Khai-Krepela---Stoked-and-BrokeEdit highlight -- :58 – 1:00. Khai makes it look so simple, when in reality it’s so… not simple.

Next up is another NS veteran, Chris “Lake Dog” Laker. Laker teams up with Andrew Napier to create a 4bi9 edit featuring some fresh avocado style mixed with a Killa Cam beat. If you only know of Chris Laker from the time a cameraman interfered with his Dew Tour run, then study up. Laker has been killing it since the early days of Newschoolers. The top comment on this video proclaims that Laker has the “sickest style in the game”. Do you agree?

https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/798443/Opening-Week-at-PC-with-Chris-LakerEdit highlight -- 3:03 – 3:06. Absolutely stomped for a trick of that difficulty.

So who will get your vote below? Voting ends Sunday, December 13th at 12PM EST.

*Typically the winner would receive an Arsenic prize pack, but since both participants have clothing sponsors (Khai- Yoke, and Chris- TNF) there isn't a prize. Shouts out to Yoke and TNF for supporting some amazing skiers. -Tall T Dan