Newschoolers has been flooded with dope content this week... X-Games Real Ski, Tell A Friend Tour, and countless crew edits have taken over the videos section.

But I didn't want the following solo edits to fly under the radar. So this week, we have Jaeden Schneider-Clark going up against Austin Karker.

About Style Showdown: This series works to provide up-and-coming skiers with exposure, as well as highlight the best videos posted to NS every week.You vote for your favorite skier, and the winner gets their edit posted to Newschoolers' social media channels.


First up is Jaeden Schneider-Clark, hailing from Nelson, BC and known for his no-poles style. I chose this video because it just makes you reflect on how fun skiing really is. Jaeden just crushes rails the whole time, rocking a a short sleeve shirt with the sun setting in the background. Aside from, perhaps, an unbelievable powder day... what's better than that?

Shoutout to Carlo Mion for his work behind the lens.

Highlight trick: 0:54 - 0:59


Next up is Austin Karker, showing us what it's like to tear a park to shreds. In this case, Blue Mountain was the victim. Austin has been posting crazy good videos on NS for years, and this one is no exception.

Shoutout to Matt Tipold on the cinematography.

Highlight trick: 1:07 - 1:13


Whose style did you like more? Vote below. Winner announced on 2/20 at 12PM EST.