Welcome to the second Style Showdown of the season. If you're unfamiliar with Style Showdown, here's how it works:

• My fellow content team members and I choose two videos posted in the NS videos section within the last week.

• We drop a showdown. You vote for your favorite skier, and the winner gets bragging rights.


Our first edit is from Andy Hoblitzelle, offering up a smooth collection of shots from all over the country. The music choice accompanies his riding pace perfectly, and it's good to see Andy repping Amplid. They're a dope company that offers discounts to everyone from photographers to up-and-coming skiers. And no, Amplid did not pay us to say that.

Best trick: 2:48 - 2:52


Next up is Fred Ferland, a rail master hailing from Montreal, QC. Most people recognize Fred from his backyard PVC rail videos, but he tells me he's trying to expand on what he's known for. "Nowadays, I'm just trying to bring what I've learned in the park/my backyard to street rails."

Heavily influenced by Will Wesson and Khai Krepela -- Fred's style goal is simple. Make hard tricks look easy.

Best trick: 1:59 - 2:03


Who's skiing did you like watching more? Make sure to vote below.