Today, Friday December 18, I was skiing at the opening day of Boler Mountain in London, Ontario. It is actually not a mountain but a hill. Anyways, I was ripping up the par , like usual, so I got hungry. I go to the chalet, take of my skis and a ski patrol took my poles away!

So I yelled" woh woh woh, What are you doing?"

He says " I'm taking your poles because there are no baskets on the bottom."

( I ride without baskets because I lost them last year)

I was stunned and said nothing

I go to have dinner and decide " They can't just take my poles!"

So I went to the front desk and asked why I couldn't have them until it closed.

They said it was "regulation" to have baskets.

I said " where does it say that I need baskets?"

They say, " you won't find it written anywhere, but its a rule everywhere."

I then listed off all the resorts that allowed me to use no baskets on my poles.

They said " Too bad."

I then asked if I could rent poles for the rest of the night. They asked " are you over 18?"


"Well then you can't rent anything."

This threw me off for the rest of the night and I wasn't able to throwdown.

This may be a meaningless rant but I think it's bullshit that the Ski Patrol thinks that they can do whatever the fuck they want to skiers.