On Friday I went on a field trip with my History of the Sierra Nevada class. We walked from High Camp at Squaw to Siberia. It was the most active I've been, outside the gym, since March. It felt amazing to be outside and using my legs!
I was quick to take some pictures as we were walking. None of which turned out good enough to represent the view from the top of Squaw, but they will do.
The Palisades are up on the left. I wonder if the top in naturally flat or if someone excavated it.
The moon was still up around noon.
The peak that is in the center is the backside of McConkey's, what used to be Eagle's Nest. The run below the peak is the backside of KT 22.Lake Tahoe was formed in a process in which a block of crust sinks below all of it's surroundings. It wasn't a lake until about 1 million years ago when a volcanic flow made a natural damn.