STUDIO411 SIGNS TOP SKI PRODUCERS BECOMING THE LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR IN THE CATEGORY   Los Angeles, CA - July 25, 2006 Studio411 has added ski to its content library with partnership deals with top producers Matchstick Productions, Poor Boyz Productions, Pléhouse Films and The Bigger Picture Inc. Through each partnership, Studio411 will finance, distribute, market and assist in sponsorship sales with each upcoming film. This year's films will feature the top athletes as well as the best skiing to date. "Studio411 is the #1 distribution company in most action sport categories, including skateboarding, surfing, motocross and now skiing," said David Brooks, Vice President Business Development. "Our retailers, sponsors, and distribution platforms will truly benefit from this amazing line-up of award winning producers and athletes." "We are very excited about the synergy Studio411 has across the action sport world," said Steve Winter, Executive Producer/Partner, Matchstick Productions. "We are also pleased to be in good company with the other ski producers they have chosen." Matchstick Productions: Push, showcases the world's best skiers having the winter of a lifetime freestyle skiing at the best parks and backcountry on the planet, and charging the forefront of big mountain skiing. See what the record breaking winter of 2006 produces on this two disc set shot entirely in high-definition with an all star crew including Shane McConkey, Mark Abma, Simon Dumont and many more. (October 2006) Poor Boyz Productions: Ski Porn, brought to you from award-winning ski film producer Johnny DeCesare, is an explosive, erotic alpine thriller. Ski Porn features the best freeskiers on the planet as they tackle the sickest challenges that backcountry and urban skiing has to offer. This film features Pep Fulas, Simon Dumont, Seth Morrison and many more. (September 2006) Pléhouse Films: Skimatic, takes a humoristic approach to the world of freeskiing. Skimatic is shot on location in Lebanon, France, Japan, the USA and Canada and features top freeskiing athletes Phil Belanger, Phil Larose, Charles Gagniers, JF Houle, Josh Bibby, Woddie Bouma and Laurent Favre. (September 2006) The Bigger Picture Inc: Show and Prove follows professional skiers Tanner Hall and CR Johnson as Tanner pushes himself and the boundaries of the sport to a new level, and CR recovers from a life-threatening head injury making a comeback that is nothing short of miraculous. (September 2006) ABOUT STUDIO411Studio411 specializes in financing, marketing and distributing exclusive content from the top producers, directors and brands in the Surf, Skate, Motocross, BMX, Snow and Ski categories. Studio411also creates partnerships with corporate and endemic marketers to reach the action sports community through commercial production, product integration in films, print promotion, Internet content distribution and specialty retail promotions. Studio411 is a division of Wasserman Media Group, LLC. For more information about Studio411 content log on to