<a href="http://prospectsnowboards.com"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-391" title="Camber-heading" src="http://prospectsnowboards.com/wp-content/uploads/Prospect%20banner.jpg" alt="Snowboard Camber" width="640" height="100"></a><br>We’ve been there, school makes it tough to get some hours at work. Both college students, high school, and elementary alike are in a spot that is tough to come up with a grip ton of cash to pay for a new snowboard. <br><br>We’re giving you a chance to toss studying aside to get out on the slopes. The Prospect Student Discount Program gives you a chance to get special prices on Snowboards, Longboards, and other Prospect gear.<br><br><a href="http://prospectsnowboards.com/dealers/student-discounts/">http://prospectsnowboards.com/dealers/student-discounts/</a>