The videos for X Games Real Ski arrived last week. Whether you like them or not, there's no denying that they show some of the best skiers showing what they can do on the streets.

The Bunch's b-mack doesn't want seeing the best around, put rest of us off skiing in the streets:

"Like don't get me wrong, I love Stept and Xgames Real Ski and other movements who ski street the big dog style, but I'd like to show people that it doesn't have to be like that."

"You can just take your skis, hop on the subway and go downtown with some friends, and f*ck around on some benches and stuff and have the time of your life, and come home with some really dank footage and you don't need to be super good or risk your life."

No doubt this article isn't for everyone on NS, but there might be some people reading this who just needed a bit of encouragement. The secret is, there's no secret

"it's just ski, literally just try to ski everything!

Even if you can't really see the full vision before you start skiing, or can see how you can do something cool, just try to ski it for fun and eventually a vision will become clearer."

He says sometimes you will fall a certain way and then you get an idea like: "damn maybe I should try to do something like that on purpose and ride out like that."

Always look out for benches and manual pads "you can find them everywhere and you can do A LOT of different cool tricks on them. Pretty much every trick."

If you need speed to hit a certain spot: "It's good to look out for picnic benches they can generate quite some speed if you do it right. Just get straight on top, hop in and pump some speed in like a tranny from the bench part of the picnic table."

Some of this video is from the very first-night b-mack tried skiing in the street:][/url]

"It's funny how it says to be continued at the end, and then I did 13 more seasons of street skiing and now 12 years later I'm still doing this shit in pretty much the same way doing pretty much the same tricks, on pretty much the same spots, (picnic tables and stairs and sh*t)"

"Tricks like manuals, butters and ollies and stuff like that, if you break those tricks down to the basic, part of the combos I do, they're super easy and fun. You can always find somewhere to do those tricks and make them look good."

If you're not super-experienced, he reccomends taking a look at a stair-set:

"Stairs are super fun and you can do pretty much any trick in them and it will look dank"]


So there you go, according to a pro, you don't need to be a pro to enjoy a bit o urban-skiing. After those 13 seasons of fine-tuning, here's b-mack's latest edit: