That's right, Stowe is opening early tomorrow because of weeks of cold temperatures and the snow gods blessing us with early season natural snow in the form of 4-7" last night alone. Rest assured jibbers, somewhere on Ridgeview, Lord, or (and most likely lower) North Slope there will be a few features to play with on your first laps of the season. Now that everyone has a week to prepare for the First Trick Rail Jam we better see some people throwing down. As promised here is a bunch of rail construction and refurbishment pictures:

grinding away

Will Wesson (a machine on and off the hill)

me giving this box a fresh coat of paint

lots of metal for new features

the fleet

the likely three features to be on the hill tomorrow

working on the picnic table

preparing for the trip up to the mountain

ready for sliding

7 features ready for the season to begin

See you at the mountain.