Summer. For us, it's been 12 hour work days, 7 days a week. I was able to take a week off, but ended up having surgery instead of a trip. Bummer. Thank god for Mt Hood. Just when you think August cant get any hotter (especially in a shop without AC), you realize that theres snow and a park only an hours drive away.

Late this summer, Sam, Willem and Jwenz made their way out along I-84 to go skiing for two days at Mt Hood. They happened across David Steele during their time there. David has been hiking across remote wilderness this summer, musing about the wonders of nature like very sharp rocks and blackberries. Luckily, a camera was onhand to document the revelry amidst their meeting. Check out what went down.

Home-ON3P Skis from Jeffrey Wenzel on Vimeo.

Skis are building up stock in the nooks and crannies of our office here in Portland, and that can only mean the snow will be falling soon. Hope everyone survives the rest of the fall, I'll be desperately seeking ski video's and putting in hours on Gnarshmallow on my lunch breaks too.