The Saga Premium Series is our example of “practice what your preach” as a brand. With the flood of cheap outerwear and ill designed patterns in the past few years, there has been a distancing from an actual premium product; from the fabric to the accessories, and even the final functionality of the outerwear. It is easy to bandwagon on current trends, but it is more difficult to stay true to what you believe in. We chose the up-hill battle that is continuing to produce premium outerwear. Putting everything we have learned in the almost eight years of designing outerwear into each and every piece. Testing materials and function long before the final product ever reaches a customer. This is not something new we invented, but a tradition that we will continue forth with as the premium brands before us have. Just so long as we do not stop learning and approach each new outerwear piece with an open mind and the clarity to build products superior to the season prior. Some might even say we take this business too seriously and at the end of the day outerwear is just outerwear. Maybe this is true for some, but nothing can compare to the feeling of accomplishment when you put all of yourself into building the products you believe in. From the past, into the distant future, we will always stay premium. Built for life outside.

The Premium Series as featured in the 12/13 Cook Book.