So, first day back skiing in three weeks. I went to Mt. Hood Meadows, which had horrible snow due to the 50 degree weather, and the recent rainstorm, but hey when life hands you lemons...

On my second run, I crash in the pipe and tweak the muscle on the side of my knee. Kind of hurt, got some advil from a nice lady and toughed it out. If you ride Mt. Hood, you know silent rock, long story short, i told someone to shut up as we drove through it hoping to spare them from the curse of the rock, yet dooming us all in the process.

On my fifth run on the Vista quad, who do I see in line right behind me? None other than Sammy Carlson. The snow is shit, there's no one here, the pipe is falling apart from the melt-age, but a guy who could be skiing anywhere is just chillin' at Meadows.

I say something along the lines of: 'hey, you're sammy carlson, wanna take a run?' He obliges, and I get to ride up the lift and chat about skiing with one of the top up and coming pro's in the business. It turns out being from the Portland suburbs we had a few mutual aqaintences and it was an all around good time. I knew there was a reason I didn't puss out after wrecking myself.

So, now I sit at my comp typing a blog because, the 2 hour drive back tightened the muscles in my knee and now its hard to walk, but I'm just gonna ice it now and watch some tivo'd LOST.