What else?

You want an awesome springtime park with jibs and jumps everywhere?

You want discounted Lift tickets at $25?

You want your own Park Lodge, with skate ramp, firepits and grill?

OH!  Almost forgot....  You want Chics that rip,  Boulder has got them too!

Featuring Kristeezy!

Ok, for those of you who don't think that was cool.  ahem, nipples....

Some random Shots from last weekend. 

Sorry for the poor quality, nipples took a lot of these pictures.


Park Managers from Neighboring Hills sampliing the goods

Pat loves front flips

Nipples gets artsy with the camera. Kevin Thomas


Super Uknown Winner Jon Brogan perfects his forced steeze daily at Big Boulder

Is this you? Let me know.

Is this you? Let me know.

This edit is from last Saturday - Thanks Eddie and Alex!


Big Boulder Edit from Bugaloo on Vimeo.

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