Round 3 of the spring park shoots is on. I just finished up with the Poor Boyz Production shoot at Mt Hood Ski Bowl in Government Camp, OR. Jossi Wells and Charles Gagnier rolled I’m late but was stoked to get out and shoot with them as it isn’t very often that I get to have them in front of the camera. We only had one more day on the big channel gap jump before heading over to Pete’s creation, what I like to refer to as the Chinerse death trap. This was the most difficult snow feature I’ve ever had to light up. I had planned to either go simple or rediculous. I opted for rediculous, and pulled out every piece of lighting equipment I had, including a borrowed Elimchrom Ranger from Ian Coble, who had left a few days earlier. Unfortunately my D3 went kaput and the shot I did get, was unusable due to camera malfunction. Fortunately I did just pick up a D300 as a backup so I have something until the D3 is repaired

After one night on that, it was finally time to move on to round 4 of 6 of the spring park shoots at Stevens Pass, WA for a shoot with Rage Films. I’m stoked for the Stevens Pass shoot as they have always been super good to work with and is always a fun shoot.

Photos to come soon