Hey guys we're holding a contest where you and your crew can win FREE Spring Passes for next year. Here's the deal:

Create a short video in our parks. Upload it to our vimeo page. Timberline Park Crew will judge the entries. Winning video gets FREE spring passes next year (shooter + up to 4 in your crew). Winner will be chosen end of May.

You can get to our vimeo page here:



Timberline will retain the rights to use all video content uploaded in this contest for future marketing purposes (meaning we might put 'em on our web site, show 'em at a tradeshow, or just play 'em in the lodge at Timberline).

Spring passes will be awarded only to people that actively played a role in the production of your video.

Please think safety first when you're shooting. Ride within your limits. Wear a helmet. Be safe. Read our Smart Style page before starting your vid: http://www.timberlinelodge.com/parks/smart-style/

You must have a valid lift ticket or season pass on at all times to access Timberline's lifts and terrain parks (and trails for that matter).

That's it -- go shoot, have fun!