Spring laps are the best! That backseat sloppy style, surfin' around, beer in hand. The land and point for big jump lines, blasting through puddles and trenched out snow. The snow seems to be almost begging to turn to water and flow into summer. There may not be friends on a powder day, but everyone is friends during them spring hot laps. From the park, to the parking lot, the bar, lift rides, or hike to terrain. Something about spring time brings the vibes up to an all time high. Is it the warmth, the ever elusive vitamin D, or the knowledge that the snow and the days spent enjoying it will soon shred way to summer?

When you come up to that up rail at full speed and at the last second you see how melted out the take off is but somehow make it on by popping harder than you ever thought you could. The down rails that are almost laughable heights but you still hit them anyway. Once in a while you grease a rocker, or the rare flopper where it just falls over the second your skis touch it. At some mountains, spring actually has some of the best coverage of the season. 100% open, good base, warm days, 0 crowds. What more could you honestly want? Even if your local hill is falling apart, it's worth slathering some wax on the skis and getting some sunny squad laps in.

Spring just has a sort of energy to it. The warm breeze, the grass gaps, more puddles than people in the lift line. It's going off with an ever so casual sense of excitement. While other people are dusting off their golf clubs and pulling their boats out of storage, the mountains are still firing for all those who simply haven't had enough.

Even getting a nice ice burn on your arms or some slush down your shirt or pants. Maybe it's that skiing is almost done, and that transition in time is approaching, but there is definitely something special about spring laps.

Powder is awesome, but i love me some fat spring laps. Get your favorite hoodie or t-shirt ready, throw your winter jacket in the trash, and prepare for good times. Get those stupid clouds out of the sky, give me some bluebird, crank that sun up to 11 and watch the park pop off!

Park laps, steeps, groomers it's all on point. At some point the lifts will stop spinning, the mountains will go silent, and the season will officially come to an end, but that day is not today!(hopefully) Maybe there's a trick you've never tried, feature you've never hit, mountain you've never ridden, or you're just some sick savage person who prefers winter. Grab your friends, grab some sunscreen, load up your pockets with beers, and get after it! You say "give me winter", I say "give me spring"...