Spring time means spring skiing, if your hill is still open. (sorry East Coast) Before you make the great migration to Hood this summer, take some time to stack up on snacks- and start thinking about what can power you thru the day on the mahalo volcano. Nutrition is important, you need food (or high calorie liquid) to provide your body with energy. I'm not going to say you SHOULD eat these things. I'm not a nutritionist.

Like all well researched articles, I used sources from Doc.Stomp's thread in ski gabber, the NS Army group on Facebook, and my own facebook friends.

According to Newschoolers, this is the dirty dozen, what you should have in your pockets:

From NS's own, Cy:

Sour Gummy Worms. All day, everyday. Because they are cheap ($1.50 / lb), they taste good, they don't go bad, you can store them in your pocket, they give you that sugary burst of energy, and they are the perfect icebreaker on the lift: "Hey girl, want some sour gummy worms?" Just don't put them through the wash, they taste a little soapy after that.


Chicken Strips... when you pull chicken out of your jacket pocket on the lift, the look people give you is priceless.


PBR, because its water with alcohol in it.


Mini Mars bars. Fits into pockets nicely. Taste great half frozen as well!




Big fan of a bagel with peanut butter and granola. Or pack a small snack bag with almonds and beef jerky, suuuuuuper dank


Granola bars and clif bars cuz mtn culture, ya know? In summer activities for sure clif bars because almost everything else turns into soup.


Jerky because I'm allergic to everything else


Pizza. Snacks are not enough. I need large quantities of food




Almonds/nuts. Theyre a superfood.


Kvikk Lunsj and waffles. It's the Norwegian way.

There you have it, the dirty dozen to keep in your pockets!

My personal vote goes out to burritos, but to each their own. Happy eating evereyone.