There’s something special about shredding your local mountain in weather that most consider closer to golf, bike, climb, even surf season. Born and raised in Montreal, Saint-Sauveur is the classic option as the nearby ski area that stays open longest.

We've done this dance before. Typically on a mid-late April weekend, you can expect a couple runs to be open and a few grass runs to fuck around with. Side hits are your main jam.

This past weekend was different. I hear some resorts in the East are on the same boat or similar (Killington, Jay Peak...) with our restless winter, but Sauveur had 3 lifts running, 11 open trails and a pretty damn complete mini park! 1 jump (10-15 feet), 2 boxes and 3 tubes.

Not a cloud in the sky


Made this quick edit with phone shots. Check out that pump track at the end.

Spring has always brought out the most epic days in my experience. Kinda wish skiing was always like this. We ended the day with a BBQ in the parking lot and a couple beers with homies. 10/10 would do this all over again. Anytime.

Check your local resort for closing day! Sauveur said they're staying open through at least mid May so if you're in the area, shoot me a DM and let's get at it. Would be dope to get a NS crew going.