Hey guys, hope everyone had a fun end of the season. Mine went great, i spent the last month up in Tahoe doing a lot of filming on and off the resorts. We did this Academy snowboard camp at Boreal that went really well. I had 10 kids that i coached for 2 days it was really fun. Then i spent the rest of the month filming around ASI Sugar bowl and had some fun days at Kingvale. Everything was going great until literally the last day i planed to be in Tahoe. We were at Sugar Bowl it just snowed a foot and we were shooting on these log jibs in the trees, I hit this one that pretty small and flat caught my back edge monkey fliped strait to my shoulder and separated it as bad as it gets and had to have surgery. I’m all good know its been 4 weeks and I can already start using it a little. Here’s a couple photos of some of the things we did, the first ones this ledge i found way out in ASI on the train tracks, at first i wanted to set it up and slid the whole thing, then i ended up setting it up to do airs to the last little tranny super fun. This other on was really scary the trees were only 3ft apart and you had to go really fast to make it over the fence, the photos looked pretty crazy. Hope everyones enjoying the first part of summer and you’ll be hearing from me soon. take care peace>>