After 4 days off spent editing my season in Seattle, WA it’s time to finish up my season at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon.  Unfortunately with a few days off, that means I’ve unpacked, meaning I have to re-pack all that gear into my tiny Honda Civic coupe.  I’ve gone from not bringing enough gear on trips, to bringing EVERYTHING, to realzing I’ve brought too much.  Maybe next year I will get this right!
Another thing I’ve learned along the way is that duct tape fixes everything.  Of course, I already knew this but I didn’t think it would work in this case.  A the Poor Boyz Productions shoot at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, OR Ian Coble loaned me his Elinchrom Ranger to use for a few days after he had left the shoot to head back home to Seattle.  For the last jump of the shoot, I needed another narrow beam reflector to really pump out the light in order to light up some trees in the background of the shot.  I only had the wide and that just wasn’t cutting it.  I did still have the 50 degree sports reflectors for my Alien Bees and a bit of tape went a long way to save my ass and work things out.  I’d usually MacGyver this one up and make a reflector out of aluminium foil however the AB reflector and a few strips of tape were a hell of a lot easier.

Anyhoo, I’ll have a bit more from the road as I try to keep burnout from setting in.  2 and a half more weeks and my Winter will be over and I can relax for summer!