Oh the joys of spring break, one of the better times for the youthful adolescence when they can forget their obligations to course work and jobs and live the life they so choose for a week. Whether it be sunny beaches or snow laded hills, spring break is always a time to flaunt your youth. Luckily for me I’m graduated and I’m job free, so I’ve been flaunting my youth in the snow this entire ski season while some of my more unfortunate counterparts slaved behind desks or toiled over homework deadlines and tests. Spring break for many of my friends was a chance to even the playing field and ski everyday, and that is exactly what happened last week. Spring break mirrored what is supposed to happen in March; come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. The week kicked off with May like temperatures and fun spring park skiing, but wrapped up with a lion like storm that dropped 1-3’ depending on the location in the Tahoe Basin. This provided for skiing on both ends of the spectrum, giving those on break a chance to get some vitamin D in the sun and then pull out the winter coats and blast powder for likely the last time this season, not that we couldn’t always use another serving of snow from mother nature. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wash my truck again as it always seems to precipitate after a good truck washing. The pictures aren’t plentiful in this update, but it’s always great to ride with friends again. I love skiing, but skiing with friends is like having your cake and getting to eat it too. It also allows for the opportunity to take advantage of a point and shoot camera and GTS (get the shot). Skiing on snow with friends and taking pictures, sounds like a good spring break to me. Kicking off spring break with Becca and Kim, looks like a Jex sandwhich to me.

Stretching while going off jumps is always important, I like to reach for nose and stretch the hamstrings.
Kim needed to get a full body stretch by going for the spread eagle.
She followed that up by getting her balance on lock while sliding some rails.
I decided to multitask off a jump by combing by blue steel look and a rodeo..."Blue rodeo Steel"
I've never quite got the knack of cork 3's so Billy Mann and myself set-out to learn the ways of the cork 3 on some fun spring jumps. I think Billy picked up on it pretty quick.
I tried to follow suit
Everyone seemed to be stoked on the great spring weather, I mean look at the smile on Kim's face after she finished putting some work in on her 5s.
As I mentioned spring break wasn't all about sunshine and terrain parks, the weather quickly turned sour about half through the break. But after a down-day a nice helping of the fluffy fun stuff we call powder was served up in a nice portion of about 1'-2'. Dave, Kim and I headed up to North Star to get our fill.I like singing along to motivational music in sepia tones before powder skiing, it really sets the mood.
Well hello winter.
We met up with our good friend Becca and the four of us decided to make the trek out to some top secret min-pillow lines.
Dave, Kim and Becca breaking trail and the moment was captured through a fallen tree.
I decided to use that same fallen tree for a jib 180 jump thing, but it wasn't as cool as I hoped.
Then came the powder skiing. Dave getting some spring face shots.
Kim getting framed on the mini-pillows through some trees.
I got to ride this white wave with a hand drag.
Becca taking down the mini-pillow line to celebrate spring break.
Getting my daily fill of mini-pillows.
Thanks to Kim's goggles we could all be in the group shot!
Spending spring break skiing with my friends didn't provide for any great stories about massive alcohol consumption, raging parties, naked people, waking up with randoms, or losing your belongs and dignity; but I still had a great time doing what I love with some of my best friends. Since the end of spring break reclaimed most of my friends freedom for the majority of the week, I'm back to solo-mission commutes to resorts and phone-tag to meet up with people on their days off. I'm in the process of filming my next edit now with a few new faces. It's going to be a hot piece of spring park ski-porn. To cap off my update, here is an edit I made for Sugar bowl. It's the march update for their webpage showcasing what their park, The Switching Yard, has to offer. It's a really fun place to ride with one of the most fun and positive vibes around. Put Sugar Bowl on your list of places to check out this spring. Until next time, don't forget to wear your sunscreen, or you'll like a raccoon with a rudolf nose. Ski cancer on the lower half of your face doesn't usually do it for the opposite sex.Sugar Bowl Edit:Courtesy of Newschoolers.com