StartFragmentMy Spring Break started with a trip to Mt Snow for the Mt Snow Open. Check out the recap here. After the story was posted Schmuck had this to say in an email from JOSS:

“You’re the wind beneath my wings Rogge. Article is up…it’s the 2000th news posting on Newschoolers! You should get a wheel of cheese or something…”

Still waiting on my wheel of cheese but stoked to be the 2000th story! Although I was hoping it’d be more like in the movies when the 2000th customer walks into a store looking for a friend but is lead on an unsuspecting tangent of balloons, sirens, and streamers. All of my thoughts usually involve overused and meaningless plot devices from the 80’s. Oh look, here comes Doc Brown in a flying Delorean.

Some cool things happened at Mt Snow. I was adopted by Freeskier Online Editor Dave Amirault's family for the weekend, Amanda Cola got too drunk and was thrown out of a bar, Dan Marion taught us what a Vegas Baby shot was with the 10% rule, and I nearly killed myself with alcohol consumption and toe stands. All in all, a typical ski event weekend.

Stand for glory

If you look closely, Freeskier's Dave Amirault is wearing an NS sticker on his bag!

"Hi I'm Amanda and I drink a lot"

Hungover with Bloody Mary and Hot Dog

Team Amirault Assemble!

After Mt Snow, I settled into life at home but not without celebrating a Rogge family Easter tradition, blowing a peep up in the microwave.

After demolishing a peep, I got busy on visting my favorite local bar in Glens Falls,Sandy’s Clam Bar also know as Club Sandu.

Those are fists coming out of that clam!

Sandy’s is well known for it’s great cover bands and super “fresh” late night seafood menu. My friends ordered lobster. Mmm.

The next morning I was up early to print my resume and look for a local internship. Check out those referrals! Doug Bishop and Jeff Schmuck...I knew I should have applied to that McDonalds!

I also brought along my article from Freeskier Magazine. My future potential bosses loved the cover which features the words, chicks, whiskey, and Japanese butt waxing. What's that sir? Of course this is a reputable magazine...

I then headed to the mall to pick out a present for NS's very own Mr. Bishop. Doug turned 29 this year so I knew I had to get him something extra special. It's bad enough being the only person on NS that like's electronica music but next year Bishop will be the only guy in his 30's claiming "first" on news stories. I had to get him something to rejuvenate his old man lifestyle. This was going to be a tough task so I went to the most extreme stores I could find to pick out the perfect present for my Canadian friend.

I didn't find anything in this mall so I sped over to the local dollar store as you can see by the picture below. I didn't REALLY speed but all my friends on Myspace used to have photos of their hondas speedometer at 130 mph so why can't I have my Jeep at 80? Vin Diesel would be proud if he wasn't unemployed. To those graduating high school this year, I'll give you $20 if you use the "I live my life a quarter mile at a time" line from Fast and the Furious. Send over a picture of your name and the quote in the yearbook to Do it. You won't.

Luckily I found everything a Canadian needs for his 29th birthday at the dollar store including a kick ass Darth Vader card that only a nerd like Bishop would love.

Happy Birthday Doug!

Love, America

After my serious red, white, blue, and kick ass shopping spree it was off to dinner with my parents. As it turns out my dad's birthday is one day after Doug's. We met up with my sister, her husband, and his daughter. That's right. The same guy that writes this blog is also an uncle. My niece is cool as hell and told me she has to write a biography about the girl that sits next to her class. It has to be six lines so in honor of her assignment here's Doug Bishop's biography:

Doug was born in Canada. Canada is a pretty cool country. I like America better. Doug like's to ski. Sometimes he gets drunk. Doug loves attention and his girlfriend loves 90210.

Yeah Des!

My Brother-in-Law and sister-bear. Sister-bear was double fisting drinks all night. She rules.

My Dad has been celebrating Mustache March since he was 15. He's now 51. Kinda makes your mustache suck doesn't it?

Dinner was cool but bars are cooler and what would one of my posts be without a really cool bar story? (right now you're probably saying to yourself, "Entertaining?") So back to downtown Glens Falls I went with a crew of old friends from high school for the Bullpen's $2 night. $2 means any drink is 2 bucks and you're going to hear great stories about boob jobs, new jobs, and who's pregnant. It's amazing how friends change over the years and do fun stuff like graduate, pop out kids, and get divorced. Here's a few of my friends and some random interesting facts.

This is Chuck. He owns a restaurant called, Charlie's Barbecue. You can find me there all summer long falling off random tables drunk as a skunk. For those of you from the East Coast, it's an awesome place to stop when driving from Vermont into Lake George via Rt 149. If you see Chuck, tell him he's got a little bbq sauce on his chin.

This is Joe and Melissa. Joe's been my friend since I was five. He's Italian, single, and disease free. Melissa is also single but I'm positive she's not interested in 15 year old ski rats. Sorry guys.

This is Paul. Paul used to own his own Skateboard shop. Now he's a cop. His general rule of thumb with deliquent skateboarders? If he can get out of his cop car and stomp a trick better than yours, he's taking your board and writing you a ticket.

So that was pretty much my spring break. Nothing too special but loads of fun! Actually now that I'm at the end of this entry I realize if you're entertained by this stuff, you need to go make some friends off the internet. Just kidding. I've got some cool stories in the works. One on the Battle My Crew event at Loon (which was a great time), a couple profiles, and the super duper secret uber story that you'll just have to wait and see. Speaking of profiles, if there's any athletes you think I should interview, post them in the comment section, and I'l take it into consideration. Schmuck is still at Jon's event so stay tuned here to NS for some AMAZING recaps of the days ahead!

If you spent all that time just now reading and looking at my crappy cell phone photos, thanks. Until next time, Keep skiing and rockin' in the free world!