For immediate release (February 4, 2009) Seattle, WA – Spacecraft was founded on art, creativity and divergent cultures. This was then applied to crafted wears, made in Bali Co-Ops and then distributed to shops throughout North America. The sought after, hard to find artwork and collectables, which the clothing is founded on, were only discovered by the most motivated treasure hunters. These coveted Spacecraft pieces are now available for purchase on the newly launched online storefront:

If you’ve been searching for the perfect fiberglass bunny, a secret agent in disguise, original hand pulled prints, framed art or been yearning to mobilize art through creative sticker placement in your community, the Spacecraft online storefront has you covered. These are all limited edition items with low inventory levels. Once they’re sold out, there may never be another. So hurry and get your one of a kind art piece from Spacecraft. Check back often as we are constantly creating new pieces and will be updating the online offering.

Spacecraft splits time between offices in Seattle and Bali, using interaction of the diverse cultures and participation in different sports as inspiration to the crafted wears and art. Through travel, it was discovered that Bali, Indonesia has an amazing structure of craftsmanship and open family style workshops. Expert sewers and knitters work out of their homes creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Spacecraft is proud to have our headwear, clothing, accessories, and collectables handmade with love in Bali cooperatives.

Today, the two Spacecraft offices are filled with ninja like employees who share in a common goal and company vision to continue to make amazing art driven, quality hand crafted wears that impact both the people who make them, as well as the people who use them for their own adventures through space and time.