My South American adventure started 2 1/2 weeks ago, arriving in Santiago, Chile and continuing on 5 hours South to Chillan. Atomic sent Molly Baker and I on a mission with Grant Gunderson to shoot the 2012 product line. We stayed right at the base of Termas de Chillan for a week in the Grand Hotel. The hotel brought zest as well as many opportunities for practicing my spanish speaking with the staff. We were somewhat stranded on the mountain without a car and there were few guests midweek... I began to feel very at home, walking to breakfast in my pj's & slippers and greeting the staff by first name. This luxury was wonderful but I was feeling we were missing out on the rustic South American experience. Hmmm but with a hot tub the size of a pool, who's complaining.We skied all day from open to sunset, making the most of the powder that greeted us. When the storms turned warm in Chillan, we headed further South to follow the snow.The next leg of our journey was a polar opposite experience. We stayed at a friends house in town and got a feel for the local scene in Bariloche, Argentina. Meals weren't catered and rooms weren't cleaned daily. The snow kept coming and we enjoyed the abundance brought by the Santa Rosa. I feel we got the best of both worlds on the 3 week trip. Molly Baker sums up our experience fantastically on "The Ski Journal" blog.I am ecstatic to have finally made it to South America! Here are a few images from my adventures.

Me enjoying the snow at Termas de Chillan, Chile.
(top two photos credit to: Forrest Burki)
Street Art in Santiago, Chile.
There are many stray dogs here in South America. They all melted my heart and I adopted a new one everyday. This lil buddy appropriately named "Zorro" was my favorite of the trip.
We visited the Patagonian Museum in Argentina.
These hieroglyphics look phenomenal. I would love to see them in person someday.
Tango night at the Grand Hotel.
Seafood in Chile was amazing!
Grant gives this $7 bottle of wine two thumbs up.
More seafood... with papas frititas (mini french fries) on top, curious but yummy.
Molly flashing her wad of pesos.
The bus terminal in Santiago, Day 1... "we've got two first timers here!"Here are a few more blog posts from our trip:The Ski JournalESPN ski