Big Air is probably my favourite event to watch in skiing at the moment and this was one of the best city events to watch in years. We're seemingly reaching the rotation limit (or at least slowing down) so we're seeing a lot more weird new axes so that riders can differentiate themselves. At Sosh in Annecy there was a stacked field, not limited to your traditional Big Air skiers. Torin was there and slaying, TWall was there and Tanner Hall announced his return to the contest stage with a big old double backie for the crowd. There were an insane number of people watching on and I'd hazard a guess this was the biggest live turnout for a ski event in recent years.

The format at Sosh gave everyone three hits with the best trick from each round taking the podium spots. The overall winner, Elias Syrja did, three tricks I'm pretty sure nobody has ever done before, at the very least not on a city big air. He started out with pre-safety dub 9 followed by stepping it up to the pre-safety dub wobble 10, but set like a dub 7 and then the pre-safety 12.

The overall level was insane, with the majority of the guys sending it almost to the flat and it's probably easiest to just list some highlights.

-Torin: Dub flat 14 high safety (Round 3 winner)

-Luca Schuler: Triple 10 (Round 1 winner)

-Henrik Harlaut: Dub orbital (belly down flat) 12 dub japan

-Jeremy Pancras: Dub 10 daffy/liukang

-AHall: Dub 12 Seatbelt, Cork 3 pretzel 1, probably the craziest "air pretzel" yet.

-Axel LePalabe: Rodeo 7 true nose to the flat.

-Tom Ritsch: Bio 10 Stalefish

-Jesper: Dub 16 blunt.

-Oscar Wester: Switch dub backflip blunt (crowd's choice contest)

-Tanner Hall: First ever dub 10, most stoked prize

A full replay of the event can be found here

There were also two horrific crashes from Luca Schuler, who looked to knock himself catching an edge landing his second run and Jeremy Pancras who got lost in the air and took one of the heaviest big air crashes I've ever seen. Reports indicate that Jeremy is ok and but have yet to hear about Luca.

Check out the recap of the women's event earlier, which was also a banger.