Hard Drive Productions official filming sessions for 'Solid Powder 2.0' in the northern

hemisphere have now come to an end. "Lack of snow in many regions created a real challenge

for us this winter" - says Ari Kananen, Principal Director of Hard Drive Productions. 'Solid Powder 2.0' is a sequel to the first snowboarding and freeskiing film ever distributed free over the Internet. The first film is still accessible for a free download at


The producers are still keeping the window of opportunity open for anyone who believes their

skills are good enough for a film. "If you want to make it into the film, you can contact staff@solidpowder.com or just come to our website and follow the links" -says Mr. Kananen.

The scheduled release for the film is at the end of October in 2003 and the producers are

expecting it to be an even bigger success than the pioneer film. We would like to get all the tapes before 15th of June.

Here are some practical tips that are worth while considering when filming and sending us


- Send a tape that only includes the best tricks. It saves us a lot of time when we don't

have search the whole tape for good stuff.

- Use a tripod whenever possible.

- You can do wonders with different types of lenses. Don't bother with the really cheap ones,

though. They don't do anyone justice.

- Mini DV's have the ability to capture sound pretty well. Keep this in mind when you're

filming rails.

- All tapes have an internal timeline. Try to avoid cutting this timeline, since it makes the

capture of clips a real b***h... Use the End Search- function of the camera whenever


- You don't necessarily need a 3 CCD camera to get good stuff. However, single chips are only

sufficient when the weather is perfect. Don't bother taking the camera out if it's cloudy.

- Label the tape(s) clearly and include your contact information with it.

- Unfortunately we can not guarantee you any dough of the tapes, but hey, how does your trick

in front of world wide audience sound?

- Please send us MiniDV, DVCam or better tapes.

- Contact us before you decide send anything.

Need more info? Contact: staff@solidpowder.com.