The pioneer production of HR Negative Films, Solid Powder, was awarded as the Best Scandinavian Action Sport Film at the Nordic Mountain Film Festival on 6-9th June, which was held at the heart of the mountain ranges in Sogndal, Norway.

"There is simply no other freeride movie like it. Collected from over 300 hours of digital camcorder footage sent in from all over the world, these guys have cut and sliced down to 35 minutes the most incredible expression of the new freeride scene. The entire film has been posted on the web as a free download and has become the most talked about snow film on the net. These guys are crazy - see it to believe it."

- The Nordic Mountain Film Festival Committee

"We knew that we had come up with something special and our download statistics have confirmed it, but none of us thought that we'd ever take part in a film festival, not to mention winning an award! This award is dedicated to all the riders, all our friends, sponsors and supporters who believed in our vision when no one else did."

- Staff of and Hard Drive Productions