The Solid Seven will be a whenever the hell I feel like it article series detailing 7 solid, not necessarily great, skiing related topics. Whether it is 7 questions with everyone's favorite pro Jason Arens *cough* finish the damn interview *cough* (yes it's still not done yet), 7 epic BC jump shots, or the 7 gnarliest bails from the previous month, just know I'm doing you a solid.

Inflik Media: The Doorstep Project

The Doorstep Project was one hell of a way to approach making a movie. The boys, Jarred Martin, Kieran Nikula and film maker Kaleb Weston, traveled western Canada in a Ford Econoline hitting urban wherever they could find it.


HD? Nah, fuck that noise. Trashparty rocked the SD, 4:3 resolution and super 8mm cams all year which made for a really great break from the traditional flurry of slow-mo and RED cameras. Right next to fellow Scandinavians TheBunch, these guys are changing the game in a very, very good way.

HG Skis: 5 to 9

HG skis teamed up with some of the hottest up and coming riders on the East coast to deliver one of this years premiere, East coast only urban flicks for free. Gaeta, Gibson, Amodeo, Tyrrell, Hackel, & Franchino were on a murder mission from day one of the Ice Coast winter in 2013, hitting some really interesting and gnarly urban spots.

The Bunch: Finess

If you looked up 'creativity' in the dictionary, a picture of TheBunch would be there, or at least it should be. The boys from Sweden never cease to do things completely different from any other crew in skiing. I don't think I've seen a more creative bunch of skiers. (ba dum tiss)


Illuminati fanatics. Snapchat stars. Heavy drinkers. Goodenough never fails to disppoint, well at least here; featuring the talents of #RAILGOD420, GareBear Jurach, Pete Arneson, Alden Spence, JArens, #SomeoneSponsoredJon Susman& #FreeNoah Curry, they delivered their usual antics into movie form this year and it was a work of art.

Phil Casabon: Keynote Skier

B-Dog did it again. Not sure how, but he continues to one-up himself year after year. Keynote Skier was one of the biggest movies to come out this year, free or otherwise.

Henrik Harlaut: Road to Zion

Skiing's happiest man alive, Dollo took his skills all over the world; from competing in the Olympics in Sochi, the parks of Mammoth, X-Games, the streets, and the mountains of Austria dominating everything in his path.