The Solid Seven will be a whenever the hell I feel like it article series detailing 7 solid, not necessarily great, skiing related topics. Whether it is 7 questions with everyone's favorite pro Jason Arens *cough* finish the damn interview *cough* (yes it's still not done yet), 7 epic BC jump shots, or the 7 gnarliest bails from the previous month, just know I'm doing you a solid.

Sometimes amazing edits get lost in the shuffle of the thousands of edits that get uploaded to NS every single year. These are some of those edits.

Ross Imburgia: Multi Year Madness

Line has a plethora of incredible riders; Pollard, Wallisch (still hard to believe), LJ, Will, Andy, and more. One of which tends to do the craziest of shit but still flies relatively under the radar. Ross' specialty seems to be backflips in awkward and precarious spots...

edoggo - 100 000

Edoggo, which features Hyllengren, Maxi from thebunch, Joakim Rignell, and others, kind of blew up after this video although the edit quickly receded into the depths of NS. I know I'm not the only one that had their mind blown watching this, wanted to immediately buy some dog biscuit emblazoned hoodie, and rock skinny pants only to forget this edit existed a month later.

Slopestyle One

Breck's premier freeski shopping destination has one of the illest shop teams; Downey, Maks, Berman, and Goodnough. The style flows with ease from these guys. I remember when this edit dropped and having it on repeat for the next week and just like 100 000, forgetting it was even on the internet about 3 weeks later only to comeback and still be astounded by the steeze.

Jiberish - Just Passing Thru

What is the first video you think of when asked about ski documentaries? I bet it isn't this one, not by a long shot. It's ok, I think I would be in the same boat, which is sad because this is definitely one of my favorites. Well put together and an interesting behind the scenese look at Walker and Wallisch as they trek across Europe searching for any kind of skiable surface. Take a seat and watch this...

Dave Crichton

Crichton's urban creativity and style was years ahead of everyone else. He changed the urban scene as we know it today...

Scandinavian Takeover

This edit will always have a special place in my heart as one of the first freeski videos I ever watched. The massive group of Scandinavians mobbing Breck is one hell of a sight to behold!

Jossi Wells - Late

The style machine Jossi Wells released this heater edit in 2013 that simply slipped by most of the ski world that year. His impeccable zero spins and impressive shifties are not to be missed...

What edit would you include in this list?