Starting tomorrow (Friday 9th) the Soldiers 2K18 Big Air will be going down in the little known ski destination that is the Czech Republic. Just a couple of hours out of Prague is Daniel Hanka's home resort of Destné, which will be the setting for one of the more interesting Big Air spectacles of they year. Why? Well there are two major selling points. Firstly the jump is massive, 25m to the knuckle with riders regularly going to 35m. But perhaps more importantly, the format mixes things up and will reward style, consistency and out and out insanity all in one. It works like this:

- The first round is qualifying which takes place on Friday, and slims the field down from 25 to 16. Each rider has two jumps and best score counts.

- From then on the riders pair up and go head to head. They each have one run to do a style trick (rotations under 720) and one run to do a tech trick with the best score taking a point. If it's a tie at 1-1 a second tech trick will be the decider. That reduces the field from 16 to 8 and then from 8 to 4.

- In the finals, theres another format switch, this time to an X Games big air style jam session. The four remaining riders have 25 minutes to throw down. Their final score is made up of one style trick and two technical tricks.

The main event goes down on Saturday afternoon/evening Czech time (morning in the States) and it will be all be live streamed with commentary from Dan Hanka/Paddy Graham right here on Newschoolers.


Schedule (All times EST):

Friday 9th:

8:00 - 10:00 Qualification

12:30 - 01:30 Night Attack

Saturday 10th (Live on Newschoolers) :

10:00 - 11:30 Semi-Finals

1:00 - 2:30 Finals


Rider list:

Jesper Tjäder

Nicky Keefer

Nick Goepper

Oscar Wester

Antoine Adelisse

Samuel Baumgartner

Fabian Bösch

John Brown

Eirik Sateroy

Birk Ruud

Noah Morrison

Max Moffatt

Loris Burn

Patrick Dew

Kim Gubser

Robin Holub

Philippe Langevin

Hugo Laugier

Ryan McElmon

Valentin Morel

Peter Raich

Gen Sasaki

Marek Skala

Petter Ulsletten

Colin Wili

Matthew Wilcox