Dear Loyal MMP Viewer, I’m sorry.

The last few weeks have been a bit trying.  Let me explain…

First up, MMP has been migrated to a completely new server.  Technically, it is a server cluster.  Nerds will appreciate this, regular folk won’t know what the hell I’m talking about.  All it means is that when I’m getting throttled from 3rd party traffic and links my site won’t fold faster than a house of cards.  This is a good thing.  The bad thing, the migration took way too long thanks to a botched database import.  Not my fault, I swear.  The folks I hired to do the deed messed it up and refunded my hard earned cash.  Like I’ve always said, if you want something done right you do it  yourself.  That’s what I did and here we are, on the new server.  Care-free.

Secondly, I’ve been traveling for the magazine.  Too bad it hasn’t been anywhere exotic like Europe or British Columbia.  Hell, I would have settled for Maine.  Instead, I was helping Nicole at the 2009 Freeskier Park Test at Keystone.  Thankfully, I got in a sweet day of skiing with our advertisers / partners and made lemonade out of lemons.  The weather sucked for park skiing, I didn’t hit a single jump or rail since I was reahabbing my knee however it was nice to spend some time out of the office and with people that enjoy skiing.  Things went smoothly, only injury was Kevin knocking his arm on a rail and getting stitches.  Things couldn’t have been too bad since he was playing beer-pong the same night in our condo.

Just filling out some forms at the Freeskier Park Test. Depth of field win!

Matt Walker puts on a clinic at the Park Test.  I had a couple good days of shooting.

I spent the weekend at Steamboat with Cousin Ryan, our friend Brett and his girlfriend Jill.  It hammered heavy wet snow, I got a few powder runs and had my best run of the year in the backcountry with my friend Heather and her boyfriend Alex.  After our sweet backcountry run, we had a sweet photoshoot.

Ryan overlooks the Steamboat Backcountry.

Hi from Steamboat.  How about that goggle tan.

Hi mom.

Backcountry access warnings.  I ain’t scared.  I used to drink shit under the sink that had the same graphic on it.

The Steamboat backcountry didn’t suck.

Riding the new Keystone Gondola.  Nice having cabins to yourself so you can take emo myspace-like self portraits.

Now, I’m back in Boulder for a couple of days before I have to head to Copper Mountain to host the AltGames for CBS Sports.  It’s just the Collegiate Nationals with a cooler name.  Once again I’m supplying most of the talent in the form of Andrew Hathaway, Pat Goodnough, Michael Olenick and Hank Lambo.  They’re going to put on a show for the cameras while I run my mouth on the mic the whole day for the broadcast.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing.