's 12:36 and I have class tomorrow at 9. I'll probably stay up till at least 2 anyways. But it's Friday so that's a good thing. Weekends are nice. I'm getting a haircut Saturday at 9AM. Fuck. Now I have to wake up.

So next weekend it's a friend of mine's birthday, and another friend has planned a huge-ass party/kegger for her on the mountain. I can't fucking wait. I haven't been trashed in quite a while, but in a way, I'm kind of worried about it. There's going to be like 30 people, at a lookout, getting drunk, almost all of them underage. Sure it's been done a few times before, but you never know. If the cops come I'd probably try to run into the woods and hide. I don't know if that would work though since my AstroVan would still be there and they could get my plate number(and I probably won't be able to walk). I often times think about escaping the the one time last semester I was at a frat party and it was surrounded by cops. Everyone was scared shitless. The cops left eventually, and so did everyone at the party, except me and a few others. The frat guys made me do a "wraparound" on the keg. It was intense.