Another good day went down in Breck. Snowy as hell, but it looked like the scandos were the only one shredding and having fun in the park. Must be because we are used to these kind of conditions every day back home.

Halvard and I challenged eachother in the game of h.o.r.s.e, skate, ski whatever you like to call it. Halvard beat me after two hours. Close call!

5 guys in a small condo doesn´t exactly make room for ski-equipement. Hence the ski-rack outside our room.

Shred´n Breakfast with the stalkers. Audun, Me, Lasse, Lars-Håkon and Ludde.

What´s up. Wanna ski park? wassup wassup??

Allmost the same features in the lower part of park-lane, as last year. Downrail is superfun!!

Just a quick question:  Is it entertaining with small edits from day to day, or should I take all the keepers and fun, and add it do a larger edit once a week or so?