As everyone knows, Boston and the rest of the East Coast have been getting absolutely slammed with snow. Boston has received a little over 77 inches, record numbers, so far this year. This has residents highly concerned over the plethora of issues associated with a winter snowfall of this magnitude, some of which include; fines for not clearing off sidewalks, too much snow for urban, urban BC pillow lines as far as the eye can see (yes that is a thing), and scariest of all, avalanches. Yes, you read that right, avalanches.

Bostonians are losing their shit. Unlike most folks out West who have either seen or been involved with an avalanche situation, the folks in Boston are completely unprepared for such occurrences. Local Boston resident Nicky Cocktail has this to say, "It's actually a pretty scary situation here in Boston, there's a pretty a serious instability in the snow pack, we're seeing these massive avalanche crowns, and anything on even moderate slopes are sliding with minimal pressure. It's so rare in the east that people don't know how to handle it, notice a few pics of the large crown's I took."

Check the photo below for some of the devastation caused by these urban slides, but first check out this one NSer getting pitted on those urban BC pillows I was talking about!


Are you ready to see this incredible and devastating carnage?

ARE YOU SURE?!!!?!?!?!


Shoutout to TGR for the link to the satirical story on which this is based. Stay safe Boston and get after it!