Hello everyone,

Promises made, promises kept ! It’s the 1st of November so here are the results of the CoreUPT.com slogan competition.

First of all, a big thank you to all of you for taking part. We received an unbelievable amount of entries and the choice was not an easy one.

Here are the best ones :

- You cannot contain the CoreUPTion.

- Born on the web, raised on the hill.

- CoreUPT.com supports your addiction

- Good enough for the best, Affordable for the rest

- Our obsession is affordable perfection

- Ride the best, ski for less. Be CoreUPTed

The winner of this 09/10 edition is Jocelyn Marchand with the slogan : “CoreUPT.com supports your addiction”

Congrats Jocelyn, you have won a complete set of equipment worth 4 500 $

Thank you once again for taking part and we wish you all a great season.

The CoreUPT.com team.