Words: Daniel Jensen

Photos: Sean Sullivan

It was a brisk and cool afternoon as we departed Steamboat. Our destination; Clark, Colorado and Hahn's Peak.

We arrived to pick up my snowmobiles late in the day (about 1pm) only to find them in use by the people whose house they were at. We decided to make use of the time by preparing for our trip.

While reviewing footage on my camera, I realized I forgot to bring a blank tape. Durr... I had some stuff I could record over, but not much. The point of our trip was to explore some places out for a future trip so I wasn't to worried about it.

After waiting for about 45 minutes the snowmobiles came back and we were off.

We really had no idea where we were going to we just headed in the direction of the big mountain known as Hahn's Peak.

After some consultation with the map we decided to continue North into the area known as Big Red Park. This is where 30,000 hippies gathered over the summer for what is known as the "Rainbow Gathering". Expecting to see something on the way we could set up for some quick photos, we found nothing. We really wanted to find some old cabin/barn to jib since there is an abundance of those type of things in Northwest Colorado, but no.

Here we found what looked to be pretty promising; an old cabin and what looked like old mining equipment. However, there were no trespassing signs posted everywhere. There were already snowmobile tracks going up, so we decided we could at least go up and find a a spot to turn around (since we were on a narrow singletrack trail and we are way too lazy to drag our sleds around ourselves).

So we continued up and found a little cabin. We went around it and realized that there was a Satellite dish on the side, Solar panels on the roof, a nice snowmobile sitting out front, and a huge pile of wood. Plus there was one of those big yellow "Don't tread on me" flags with the snake on it. Clearly it was occupied and being afraid we were about to get shot we high tailed it out of there.

It was getting dark so we started heading back, but not before exploring one last trail that goes pretty much straight up Hahn's Peak. We start going up and cha-ching. We find all the money spots for ripping pow, building jumps, and all that good stuff, but the sun was setting and it was too dark to get any decent pictures. We took a mental note of the spot to go straight back to for a future trip and started the half hour plus trip back towards Steamboat Lake and Clark.

I had my skis with me the whole time, but never once got to put them on. The trip was still tons of fun, we found some sick stuff to bring a crew up to next time and get some sweet shots. Plus, Sean took one of the best pictures I have ever seen:

Thanks to Sean Sullivan, photographer and head of Prosper Clothing, for coming with me and taking all these dope pictures. Look forward to an update soon with some actual skiing in it.