Skitoberfest continues to rage and after a few too many we decided making huge price cuts on twins was a great idea. We dropped everything 2011 to at least 33% off but most 2011 models are at 40% or even 50% off.

Of those the few standouts are the Rossignol S4 Jib.

These are the sticks that keep Xavier Bertoni and Kevin Roland on the top steps of half pipe podiums around the world. Pretty stiff with huge pop and insanely stable the S4 Jib is now 50% off at $299.95. We have a few of 168cm and 174cm lengths left.

The other killer deal is the Dynastar 6th Sense Spin

The Spin brings a new level to poppy. With spring blade construction the core works like a leaf spring that explodes with insane energy and keeps the swing weight super low. Super stable and great for jibbing or launching jumps the 6th Sense Spin is also 50% off at $299.95. We have a few 173cm and a couple more 179cm lengths left in these.

You can get a look at all Skitoberfest Specials on twins as well if these two aren't your style.