Wow. I thought I had this conversation last year at this time, but appearantly that didn´t meant shit after all what´s happend since last summer in the skiing society. I have tried to avvoid this, but it seems that is no way around it;

There was a time, when skiing was all about style and flow, having fun was one part, making it look easy and stylish was the other.

Today on the other hand, skiing is more like gymnastics and acrobatics. I don´t blame anyone in particular for theese rapid changes in style, but some has more influence than others. Many look up to these stars, and try to copy whatever they´r doing.

I will not hate on anyone, since doubleflips, doublecorks, and crazy spins doesn´t belong to my skiing anymore, atleast that is what I feel. I am afraid of big scary doubles, I am afraid of crashing and hurting myself. But most of all, I am afraid of failing and making it look like shit. I am one of thoose guys who NEEDS to do anything PERFECT. If it´s not perfect, it is not complete as a trick. Many MANY skiers has throughout the times of tricks, claimed to be the first one this, first one that. But there is bearly a handfull of skiers that does what is said and claimed for, with such perfect touch, that it´s nearly worth crying for. And that scares me, or maybe not. Maybe there is a chance for other skiers to show off themselves, without doing the sickest and craziest tricks of the day. The skiers with such style and flow, the ones who really does skiing something to enjoy watching.

When I see a skimovie today, I skip most of the parts, cause they are all SCREAMING for attention. Everyone wants to be biggest, badest and the most coolest skiers in every movie. I would more likely check in on one of the countless ski-blogs to see if there are any homemade short edits made. Time after time, there has been unknown skiers that has blown my mind with stylish skiing and pure happiness for the game.

Many people has blamed me upon the years for thinking too much about competitions, and who is the best skier at the moment.

Theese times has passed, and I have realized the one thing I thought the first year I was skiing. I am only doing this for the love of the sport, and because it makes me happy whenever I go ski! It is so simple!! We have all fallen into the same trap, thinking we could make a living out of skiing, get famous and get rich! WHY? If you can Imagine yourself as a PRO skier with a lot of money (not very likely to get rich by skiing). Do you actually think that it would make you happier? Do you think you would be MORe stoked to go skiing every day with these achievements? I think not. I think you would start doing the sport because of the money, and that the love for skiing would fade away. Therefore I have started to ski by one rule, and one rule only; HAVE F-U-N! If I don´t have fun while skiing, I am either doing it wrong, or else I am probably not interested anymore. Simple as that!

So next time you see some crazy triple-cork with double grab; Is it stylish? Do you think it would be fun to do it yourself? Is it worth doing if it´s not stylish? Would you think it is FUN doing it?

Well, the point here is maybe not clear to everyone. But I would say, whatever floats your boat! Whatever makes you happy, is worth doing. But for crist sake, have fun while doing it. If I never get rich while skiing, what difference would it make? What would richness be compared to the one moment were you feel on top of the world, after doing something you love doing?

Just a thought….

Good Night,