Jake Doan is a man who blew up last year after leaving Fatypus and joining ON3P alongside the likes of Karl Fostvedt and John Kutcher. He's also started filming with these two and the multiple others who are on the infamous group that is 4bi9. His original home was Whiteface, NY, but he moved out to Salt Lake City in search of more prosperous days of skiing, and with that has come his break to show the freeski world that the East coast machine still hasn't finished pumping out Uber talented skiers who surpass even those who grew up in Colorado or Utah. He talks a couple of things that have become his life in the recent months and shows what a styley rider in every environment thinks underneath the ski riding cogs in his mind.

You recently joined ON3P. What’s it like being on “indie” brands like Bloom as well?

It's definitely nice being on smaller brands than larger ones in my opinion. You are able to talk directly with the people who are in charge usually and get your input through to them directly so your relationship as a rider is usually more personal. Also, it allows for you as a rider to get more exposure since there aren't a ton of riders on companies like Bloom or ON3P, so its nice feeling like you are a part of a small family of sorts.

Your dream line:

My dream line would probably start off with some steep untouched trees to cruise through, then have it open up into a pillow line. I've never really skied pillows before but I'm pretty sure I'd want them in my dream line, haha

What is your preferred environment of skiing when everything from you seems so smooth?

It's hard to say what my preferred environment would be, as far as enjoyment goes I would say Powder for sure, but there is something about sunny park laps with your friends learning new tricks that just makes for some of my favourite days skiing. As far as urban goes, it depends on the spot but the enjoyment aspect usually comes once you have gotten a shot you're hyped on, anytime before that can be a little tense, haha.

Nose tweakin' at IRPC

Beast Coast or Best coast?

Ooh, that's always a tough one, obviously conditions are better in the West. But I still consider some of my favourite days skiing of my life are at my home resort Whiteface, in the spring lappin' with the homies, after a long cold winter, it's hard to beat.

Favourite Video part

Tanner Rainville in "Shanghai Six" could take the cake on that one. That song and the front 6 dub japan is hard to beat.


5 song for your skiing playlist:

Too many songs to choose from but if I had to narrow it down to top 5 based on my I-tunes, in no particular order:

1) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live at Fillmore East)- Allman Brothers

2) Californication (Live at Slane Castle)- Red Hot Chili Peppers

3) Refuse 2 Die- AZ

4) Rebel Music (Live at the Roxy)- Bob Marley

5) Above the Clouds- Gangstarr

Boosting bombers in Brighton

What was it like leaving Fatypus? Did multiple riders leave from decisions made by the company?

My decision to leave Fatypus was my personal decision. They had helped me out greatly since they were my first ski sponsor, I just felt that I wanted a change in what skis I was riding and who I was representing, and ON3P fit the bill for that.

3 things in your pocket when you ski:

Snacks, my phone, more snacks

What is it like being in 4bi9, possibly the most infamous crew in skiing?

It's definitely awesome having the opportunity to link up with the 4bi9 guys last year. I had known AJ Dakoulas for a while and felt like I knew pretty much everyone in the crew for a few years now and was friends with them so I linked up with them at a few spots last year and it seemed to happen naturally. It is always a ridiculous time wherever we go, everyone is so insane it makes for a good time with some clean offerings all around.

What do you feel about skiing in the Olympics? Has it affected your budgets or has it been another drop in the ocean of competitions?

Everyone has a strong opinion about slope in the olympics, personally since I'm not a slope skier it doesn't affect me much, it's cool to see freeskiing getting more exposure in the public eye, but on the other hand there are some commercial and regulation aspects that I feel take away from what the essence of the sport is. It's a double edged sword.

Favourite movie outside of skiing?

"Anchorman" or "180 degrees South"


The moment you were hooked on skiing:

I think I vaguely remember jumping off of furniture a lot after watching a Warren Miller movie on tv when I was probably 8 or 9, so I'd probably say then, haha

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Jake Doan is supported by Bloom Outerwear, ON3P Skis, Treefort Lifestyles and 4bi9

Check out his season on Instagram as well - @jake_doan