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In an era of non-stop news and never ending political banter, it seems that satire is becoming more popular than ever before. Fictional news websites like the Onion have built massive followings, and with no shortage of material to mock, their humorous take on current events seems to be increasingly appreciated by the masses.

Here in the ski world, our news is often much of a muchness. Comp results, industry deals, sponsorship changes and the occasional retirement make up the bulk of it. Thankfully, a few outlets are stepping away from the stock content we’re so used to seeing in our feeds, and are putting their own fun spin on things to keep ski media entertaining. Matt Sklar’s Radical Radish articles follow in the Onion’s satirical footsteps, mocking everything from the East vs. West debate, to corporate merger sponsorships, and even those clickbait snow forecast articles that drive us all insane.

Yet, while satirical news articles are a reliable source of a good chuckle, an unlikely outlet is taking the ski industry humor game to the next level. Ski Vermont, a not-for-profit trade association aimed at promoting skiing in the Green Mountain State, is going all out on video production. They’ve churned out an impressive amount of original spoofs and shorts over the last few seasons, and have an even bigger collection set to release this coming winter. We decided to break down some of our favorite clips below.

The Drunk History of Skiing in Vermont



Ski Vermont made quite a splash on social media last winter with their own take on the popular Comedy Central show, Drunk History. The educational-yet-sloppy storytelling in each episode highlights some of Vermont’s proudest contributions to the evolution of the sport back in the day. Last year’s videos racked up 200,000+ views collectively, and happen to feature one of Newschoolers favorite skiers, Ian Compton, with a performance worthy of a “best actor” award. With more episodes in the pipeline, you’ll want to keep a Heady Topper out in the snow to drink when next episode goes live.

Ski Vermont presents “That Guy”



Everyone on Newschoolers has encountered That Guy before - someone who cuts you off when approaching jump, has excessively loud phone calls on the chairlift, and hasn’t changed their outfit since the 80’s. Ski Vermont perfectly captures the persona of That Guy in these short but oh-so-sweet videos. I can think of plenty more scenarios where That Guy makes a scene around a resort, and can not wait to see how he is portrayed next.

In the Office at Ski Vermont




Finally, Ski Vermont lets you in behind the scenes to get a look at their daily office life. It seems like gear testing and snow day superstitions are just part of another day in the life for these seemingly normal employees. And with a very lax sick day policy, I’m tempted to go comb their “careers” page...

Bonus - Ski Blades Now Illegal in Vermont


Back on the eve of April 1st, 2015, long before calling out “fake news” was an everyday thing, Ski Vermont pushed this clip out onto the internet. Many Vermonters rejoiced at the news, while others were triggered their favorite method of short-ski shredding had been “abolished.” Perhaps they didn’t get the memo of a certain holiday, but we’ll let them figure that one out.


Be sure to follow Ski Vermont on Facebook and subscribe to them on Youtube to catch more videos this winter. For more information about Ski Vermont, visit skivermont.com