Skiers are inherently creative in our own right: or just good at stealing from snowboarding/skateboarding if you want to go that route. Regardless, the forums of Newschoolers have seen some incredible ideas in terms of gear during it's 19 years of existence.

Oakley Osama Pros

First posted about in 2003, the Osama Pros were to come in two lengths: 176 & 186. Featuring an indestructible & flexy as fuck sand core, the Osama Pros were the talk of the town for many winters and about as elusive as Osama himself. Several members claimed to have a pair & there was even a pair that went up on eBay for $15,000, allegedly.

Asian Allen was so kind to provide insider info on the potential park, pipe, & pow models from this thread:



-flex points, elliptical side cut, sidewall construction, SAND [synthetic acid neutralized differential] core (its essentially melted glass and foam), carbon stringers and oodles of good stuff.



-insane camber, carbon stringers, sand core, elliptical side cut


128- 115-128

-rocker, elliptical sidecut, sand core, carbon matrix and more shit. its wild.

If you ever wanted to "Jib With The Jihad" these were the skis for you.

Burton Hyphy Sticks

Ahh, the Burton Hyphy Sticks. Shrouded in mystery. Never seen in real life but convincing enough to the untrained noob, even with all of the "I can tell it's photoshopped because of the pixels!" When Tom was shopping for a new company to ride for after Amplid, the hype for the Hyphy Sticks was at its all-time high.

Conflicting emails from Burton in the thread above, both confirmed and denied the existence of the Hyphy Sticks. I swear though, they'll come out next year with the Ultimate Jiblife game package. At least, that's what my friend's dad who works for EA said.