A few days ago, I got arthroscopic surgery done on both knees to clean them up a bit and make my rickety old joints work a little better and not hurt and pop all the time before the ski season gets going. Coming out of surgery I was told I had fatty tissue buildup in my knees from overuse and impact.  So I guess that means Skiing gives you fat knees! I just watched the video of my surgery, if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to take a dremel tool and a shop-vac into your knee, that’s what this video is about.   I wish I had one from my back surgery I had in high school with all the rods, clamps and chicken wire they put into my spine.

Arthrosopic surgery on my knee from Erik Seo on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, my surgery got pushed back a few weeks and the ski season HAS begun and I’m on the couch, sitting around, losing my mind. Well, not really losing my mind but I’m sure bored. There’s only so much you can do from your laptop, lying on a couch and the work to do at my desktop computer is piling up. I thought I’d get a few photos of how I’ve been passing my time over the past four days since surgery, when my new roommate Austin Holt came home I had him take a few photos of my current couch surfing routine.  The routine has been furnished by the hospital to include couch, ice packs, compression stockings, purple slipper socks, and of course, pain killers.

Disclaimer: I hope you didn’t take these seriously.  Just something to shoot to try and keep myself a little sane while going nuts on the couch for a fun crackhead photo shoot since the hospital furnished me with so many props for a photo.