Valentines day makes some of us happy but a majority of us

feel like we are missing out on something. But in reality it is just another

hallmark holiday. So in honor of the day of love I spent the entire weekend

doing something I love, skiing and photography. Friday started with an early

morning leaving Boulder at 6:00AM for Beaver Creek. With fresh snow on the

ground it took a while but we finally got there. Blake Kimmel needed to work on

his photography skills for a self-project so it was the first time I was in

front of the camera.

Skier: Kenzie

Photographer: Blake Kimmel

The next day Blake, A kiwi friend Natalie, and I got to

Breckenridge for a ski, and met up with Josh Bishop. As a finish to Blake’s

photography project we spent the afternoon getting the shots. Then we were

joined with other Jibij team riders and friends Patt and Carrie for a large


Sunday turned out to be Blue Skies and Sunshine. In honor of

my new lens the first sunny day in a week Carrie Rossman, Pat Goodnough,

Sebastiaan Renooy, and John Rossman all went to Breck.


Skier: John Rossman

Skier: Carrie Rossman

Skier: John Rossman

Skier: John Rossman

While skiing we met up with Josh Bishop and Gillian Mclver

Skier: Josh Bishop

Josh claims the new afterbang

Skier: Gillian Mclver

Skier: Sebastiaan Renooy

Gillian Mclver

Josh Bishop

Carrie Rossman

It turned out to be a great weekend with some

misadventures including a car crash in Josh’s Kitchen as well as John, Seb, Nat

and my run in with Breckenridge’s Finest. Peace NS and as always ENJOI winter.