NS:You’re a former SMS coach, now writing screenplays. Tell us about the plot of “SNOWCAMP,�and why you decided to write a script about skiing.

Tom:Eighteen-year-old Guy Pearce out-skis his rich nemesis Aaron Banks to win a free summer at Snowcamp. Once there, Guy is again joined by Aaron and

his girlfriend, Alyssa. An intense rivalry between the skiers and snowboarders develops into an underground competition between the two groups. The skiers choose Guy as their representative in a series of competitions where he must defeat the snowboarders to prove that skiing represents. An unknown man films the competition, taking mega footage of Guy. Guy also works to win the attention of Alyssa and to hone his on-snow skills to compete in the summer competition, where winning will earn a spot on a pro tour. Just when things go well with Alyssa, and Guy appears to have won the competition, his nemesis Aaron and his family money buys the victory. However, the crowd disagrees, so a skiercross will determine who truly is the better skier. Yet again, Aaron's dishonest tactics prove effective and disqualify Guy by pushing him off the course. When all seems lost and Guy is drowning his sorrows at the end of the summer party, Greg, the man who was filming Guy, turns out to be the producer of the biggest ski film company and informs the crowd that Guy is the featured skier of his film, thus ensuring Guy sponsors, money and success.

I have always been a skier and I have been writting screenplays for a few years now, I had been wanting to write a script about skiing but the problem was skiing had some been pushed into the realm of "Uncool" during the mid-90s. Fast forward to now and people are starting to take notice of skiing again. How can they not after last year's X-games, followed by this year's with Tanner's slopestyle and Simon Dumont's 20-plus footers in the pipe? Tanner Hall has become a name known to more than just us skiers, he has become an X-games icon in the last few years and I'm sure will continue to grow in his popularity. I wrote this screenplay to show skiing is not about spandex, furry boots or boring rich people. It's about fun, fun in the park, fun in the backcountry, fun in the pipe! It's about the fun afternoons after skiing, it's about hooking up after your fun afternoon after skiing! It's about making up stories about the hot chicks you hooked up with the night before!

How does SNOWCAMP match up with Hot Dog?

Snowcamp matches up with Hot Dog in many ways! It's about a young guy taking a chance and going for his dream. I put more of the story on snow by creating a competition between skiers and snowboarders, giving us more of what we want to see. I put lots of time creating characters based on people I have met in skiing and at ski camps. Hot Dog showed moguls, jumps and ballet. Snowcamp has big air, slopestyle, jibs, pipe, big mountain, some moguls and some skiercross. Hot Dog had a wet t-shirt contest, Snowcamp has something better. And Snowcamp will incorporate many cameos of the pros! Hey, these guys deserve to be in a movie based on things they created!

What stage of the film-making process is the script at right now, and what companies are you working with?

The screenplay has been finished, the production company has optioned it (has the rights to develop it into a feature film). Every possible expense has been considered and we have attached a budget to the project. We are seeking out corporate sponsors from soft-drink companies and are close to a deal with one. Launch Productions has gotten the script to Universal Studios where they have it under consideration. We also have it over at Showtime Films, and have some interest from 20th Century Fox. Over 30,000 screenplays are written each year, only about 300 movies are made each year. So having gotten this far is a great sign, but these big studios need to know people are interested in a movie like this and will spend 7 bucks to go out and see it.

What’s the reaction in the ski industry thus far?

The reaction from the skiing Industry has been great. I have not contacted any huge ski companies to try to get product placement. I am much more inclined to go to Armada or Line and see if they would be interested, those companies are skier-inspired and I respect that. All the the pros who have read it love the story!

Do you think that, given the recent exposure our budding sport has been given by media giants like ESPN, that the film can strike a note with the general public?

Hot Dog The Movie grossed 18 million dollars, Aspen Extreme grossed five million. Why? Humor, if a movie looks humorous then that person will go see that movie. Iit doesn't matter if they have never been skiing or have no clue what newschool skiing is all about. I also included snowboarding and I honor that sport in this movie, but since I am convinced skiers would beat boarders in a head-to-head comp I wrote that into the story, but having snowboarding in it will draw a larger audience. I do think ESPN has opened people's eyes to skiing again and I do think skiing/snowboarding + comedy + a fun story will strike a note with the general public.

Where can we learn more, and what can we do to help?

In film making things are kept under wraps so its hard for the general public to learn more, luckily Newschoolers.com is not the general public and I will be happy to keep everybody here updated with our progress. What can be done to help? I think an online pettition and getting all the members of Newschoolers.com to sign it would speak loudly to the studio heads! This story was written for all movie goers to enjoy, but I wrote it for skiers and to finally show skiing as we see it!

For right now, you can express your support by dropping an email to snowcamp@hotmail.com.