Yup, this place rocks

Words and Photos: Erme Catino | Skiershop Blog Manager

For years I?ve been an avid reader of Powder Magazine and perused the buyer?s guide in the season?s first issue. Even as a reader, Powder Magazine?s ski taste (not test) seemed to operate on a looser schedule ? how could it not, you are in Jackson Hole with some of the raddest people in the ski industry.

Powder Week Gear Tent

Sitting on the flight out of Jackson Friday morning it all started to set it, well at least after the hangover subsided from the Powder Week closing party. This was one of the most fun weeks I?ve ever had. It was my first time to Jackson Hole, and while I thought it would be like Alta/Snowbird I was greatly mistaken? it?s bigger, rowdier, and the sidecountry blew my mind.

Tuesday morning with Folsom was fun
Folsom was also part of the Trew Crew

Each day skiers were given a brand to ski with in the morning, then another for the afternoon. My brands were Head, Dynastar, Folsom, Scott, DPS, and Armada. Additionally one day was reserved for ASSFART ? meaning ?all ski something fast awesome rad together,? where skiers made as many laps as possible on the Tram, each with a different ski.

Coming in for another Tram lap and powder run

The snow kept falling all week as if it were ordered, and locals brought us to their secret gems in the sidecountry and the darkside (note no pics of that stuff, wink). It was a whirlwind week with minds hazed over from powder skiing and high fives. A big thanks goes to Powder Magazine, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Matt Hansen, Pat Sewell for winning the Captains Cup, and to all the rad people who made the week possible. Hopefully see you next year!