Cover: Hayden Wright. All photos - Daniel Milchev/Red Bull Content Pool

The Summit Daily is reporting that, as a result of a crash at the Copper Mountain Slopesoakers Pond Skimming Event, skier Hayden Wright, 26, has been charged with misdemeanor assault. Since the incident resulted in the breaking of a woman’s collarbone and injured several others, Summit County Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons has stated that he expects that charge to be upgraded to felony assault.

The crash itself was caused by an unsucessful attempt to gap over a section of the crowd, a video of which can be found here. Wright was photographed immediately before the crash holding a Bloody Mary. However, while they know he was drinking, investigators don't have a precise measure of how much he had drunk because they only arrived on scene 90 minutes after the incident. Upon arriving on-site, they cited Wright for misdemeanor assault, not yet knowing that a woman had been seriously injured.

For more info check out the original article at The Summit Daily and Unofficial Networks.

Wright before the incident

The setup