While the sun was shining and the temperature hovered at a nice 67 degrees, Windells hit California with a burst of winter air. SkiDazzle kicked off the season with the largest ski and snowboard consumer show in the nation! As shoppers hurried to find the best deals on this year?s equipment, Windells was dishing out stickers and offering free progression sessions to eager beginners of all ages.

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SkiDazzle gave winter hungry Californians a taste of Mt. Hood, and Windells was more than happy to get the crowds excited for a season of freshies in Oregon. Our progression sessions at both Sacramento and Los Angeles SkiDazzle events allowed first time skiers and snowboarders to get hands on training. Participants had the opportunity to learn the basics from our amazing coaches at Windells. Everyone from the four year olds to the fifty-eight year olds was wearing a giant smile. Skiing and snowboarding indoors in California? Yes please!

The event filled days of Ski Dazzle were topped off with our very own rail jam competition. Riders were challenged to pull their best tricks on artificial snow with the cheers of the crowd roaring on. X Games announcer Dave Duncan was there to pump up the fans and get the riders stoked.

The winners of the rail jam walked away with bags full of Windells shwag and some shiny medals to add to their bling. Two lucky competitors from each venue received a free session to Windells. Drayden Gardner from Los Angeles and Jonathan Reuter of Sacramento held their free session tickets high in the air as their families snapped photos. The Windells rail jam delivered an action packed event for all SkiDazzle viewers.

Whether you were competing in the rail jam, reaching out for a free beanie, or strapping into a snowboard for the first time, the Windells booth at SkiDazzle was the place to be! See you next time Cali.


Windells Academy goes to Skidazzle in San Jose!!!

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