Ski_I-N-G, if you dont like skiing then dont friend me

the name is Odogg and i like to show off, dont believe, then turn on your TV

See i rap and i sing, im the creator of after bang

over six thousand views world wide, dont believe me, man why would i lie

my best friend larkin, second best dan

reading all comments saying Odogg's the man

yeah im the man, im 20 years old

keeps watching my videos and  the truth will unfold

and man im hot, just like a stove

and my favorite color's red, yeah like a rose

but back to the subject i like ski's

but what i dont like is skiing then running into trees

the snow is so cold, yup something like my watch

my flow is in the ocean, yeah something like my yacht

but if you like, this hot banging rap

let me know, i'll put it on a sound track!

ODOGG-AKA-Oliver S Robinson

Location: LEBO!!!